Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick Update

How's everyone?I hope all of you are enjoying the weekend as much as I'm enjoying mine.I wasn't able to update my blog for more than a week because I was very busy spring cleaning, sorting out clothes, completing my sons'  requirements for visa application for our planned trip to Philippines in June and our  shifting to either Malaysia or Thailand, after our Philippine trip.Life here in Pakistan is too dangerous nowadays especially Lahore was attacked again by terrorists last week.Twin bombings that killed almost 50 and wounded  a hundred innocent people.Such a waste of precious life.The kids are only staying at home, aside from going to school. I hired a tuition teacher who comes in the evening.Home tuition fees are doubled but what's most important is my kids safety.Load shedding or power outage is becoming worst each day.Sometimes, for 3 hours straight,we don't have electricity.We only have 14-16 hours of electricity daily and it's not even summer yet..And no electricity means no water, since we are using electric water pumps to suck water from the main pipes or else we don't have water at all.Though we have a large water tank, it's not enough considering the fact that we are staying in a  joint family system with 16 family members.Luckily, our niece's wedding  date was  rescheduled on October because the groom's brother is reported missing in the USA.Shopping for the wedding should start now, as  I have to prepare 4 sets of clothes with matching jewelries and shoes.Four sets  of clothings and shoes for my sons too and for hubby, if he will attend the occasion.Just thinking of the expenses gives me headache.I'm afraid to go to bazaars and markets since bombers also attacked one market last December.A lot of women perished in that incident since Moon Market is a popular shopping place for shoes and jewelries especially during the wedding season. We are invited to a neighbour's wedding tonight  but I decided not to    attend due to my "phobia for suicide bombers",  if   there's   a specific   term   for this kind of  phobia,   please   let  me  know.....hahahaha.  Anyhow, I want to extend my thanks to everyone who keeps visiting  my site and dropped ECs during my absence.                                                                                                                            


  1. safety, still should be the highest priority:D

  2. yes, we read such things here in Gulf News online. Pakistani nationals here convey their sadness on editorial letters about reading those frequent bombings...

    good luck in all your plans there. maybe someday you could come here to Dubai. xoxo

  3. AMINA, pauli na, akoy ginakulba-an sa imu gurl.... sa
    thailand nalang mu o sa Indonesia ba run ... sus, kung ako diha murag kung ginabitay permi.... mag-imbento ta ug ngalan ana na phobia .... LOl!

  4. Hope you can move to the safer country...


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