Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crossborder Wedding-- Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza

Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and India's tennis star Sania Mirza plan to wed in a unique union bridging the two nations' bitter sporting and political divide. The  marriage, comes two months after Mirza broke off her engagement to a childhood friend. The tennis player became an instant nationwide celebrity as an 18-year-old when she became the first female Indian to win a WTA Tour title in 2005. Malik, who hails from Sialkot in Pakistan's Punjab province, has played 29 Tests, 190 one-day internationals and 30 Twenty20 matches since his debut in 2001.In a bizarre twist in 2002, he was accused by the family of another Hyderabad girl, Ayesha Siddiqui, of marrying her over the telephone. The cricketer denied it, but did admit to being engaged. In keeping with the tradition of big, fat Indian and Pakistani weddings, before the actual reception, members of both families will visit each other and both parties have already applied and perhaps even got the visas.Mirza and Malik will marry in April and live in Dubai


  1. as in live via satellite jud ni MINA... gwapa cya ....

  2. Pretty couple.Thanks for sharing Amina.

  3. congratulations on the newly weds. I included you in the blogroll nga pala sis sa Nostalgic Marveling blog ko under "Blogs I love to Visit"..

  4. maging matatag sana ang pagsasama nila..

  5. At the moment even India and Pakistan are not enemies.

    Greater enemies to civilisation are greedy women who file false cases

    False Cases filed by Ayesha (who claims to be Shoaib's first wife) amount to misuse of law. Threat to suicide from Ayesha is a criminal threat.

    Marriage disputes before, during and after marriage are civil disputes.It is fascism if all marriage disputed are given a colour of criminal disputes and IPC section 498a is invoked. Even the supreme court of India has warned against mis use of Section 498A IPC

    This female Ayisha is aiming at US $ 1 Million. This is pure Ransom

    Even IF Shoaib is married already, Muslims are governed by Muslim personal law - Sharia in India. They can marry upto four wives. they do NOT need the permission of the first wife to marry again

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