Friday, March 5, 2010

Latest Honor Killing:How A Deleted Cellphone Video Led To Murder

WARNING: Videos that you shoot on cellphone and then delete - may remain in memory. It’s similar to data stored on computer's hard disk, if deleted – is recoverable through a software.
A teenage girl in 10th grade fell in love.Her boyfriend made a film of her (if you get my meaning of film) on his camera phone.He deleted it,but it was still in the phone camera's memory when he passed his phone to his friend, who posted that film in the internet. Now as expected the film spread like fire as in many small towns, so did the word.Now this incident would’ve gone ignored if it wasn’t for a so called "journalist", who saw this film and posted about it in his newspaper,while another local newspaper of that small town also did the same.
The girl was an orphan raised by her mother's elder brother.For 4 days he tolerated the mockery and shame but on the 5th, he murdered his niece.


  1. Hi Amina from Malaysia. Found your blog from Umidishes. I donno that something u've deleted can be retrieved again. Thanks 4 sharing

  2. I've just known about this, Amina

  3. Dear, gooosh, this is a latent violation of human rights, pero kana lagi ang debate .... human rights vs. cultural rights asa ang mas tagaan ug weight ... luuy ang niece uy.

    Ayo-ayo diha dear ... wa pa jud ko ka update sa akong blog oi ... daghan kaayo ko test paper ginacheck ....


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