Friday, January 22, 2010

Net Cafe Scandal

When I came to Pakistan in 2002,this was the hottest news at that time. Someone set up an internet cafe in Rawalpindi.He built small cabins, placed computers , put a screen door with locks on the inside, installed lights in the ceiling and hidden in the lights, installed cameras. Young men and women started to patronize the establishment. They came alone or as couples, went into the cabins and viewed porn websites on the computers. The owners of the establishment recorded these activities and would later show the movies to the couples and blackmail them for dirty deeds. A CD was compiled and send to Dubai where it sold for $100,000. Copies were made and sold in UK, USA, Europe and finally, made their way back home. In the beginning, these CDs were sold for five thousand rupees in Lahore A gang got hold of the CD and tracked down 25 families of those involved They delivered the CDs to those houses. This caused an instant chaos. Three of the girls in the scandal committed suicide. One was killed by her father. Two were divorced . While the boys ran away from their houses. Some of the young men involved belonged to very prominent families of Rawalpindi. These families fell prey to blankmailing from the gang, millions in rupees were paid so that the distribution of the CDs would be stopped but who can stop it when it's aready widely distributed.A few days ago,a friend told me that somebody created a website and uploaded the videos.I just hope this will be blocked by the government to prevent more trouble for those involved.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Glass Bangles

Bangles are a decorative ornament that women across Pakistan have been wearing for centuries. In fact, the bangles have a great socio-cultural-religious significance in Pakistan history and culture. This is because literature has glorified this ornament to make it the epitome of feminine grace.
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Ticket Booth

Seen this ticket booth at a fun fare in Iqbal Park.Since I'm a big fan of Disney cartoon characters, I've taken a pic of it and showed it to my, they kept asking me to go to the park and take a ferris wheel ride.I promised them, when the weather changes, then we will go.Who would enjoy a ride in this chilly weather???
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Neem Tree

This tree has been in front of our house since I came here.People keep coming and asking for its leaves, bark and fruits.I decided to find out about its medicinal properties and here it is....

· Skin condition – Neem is considered as one of the best herb that is extremely beneficial in treating skin related problems. It is a herb that works as a powerful anti-microbial and anti bacterial agent that is very effective in treating any kind of infection that invades in the body. It helps in purifying blood. It is also responsible for increasing the circulation of the blood thereby supplying oxygen and nutrients to each and every part of the body. It is also effective in beautifying the skin and makes it soft and glowing.

· Teeth and gums – Since prehistoric times neem has been used extensively as an agent that is very helpful in treating mouth related problems. It is a powerful agent that is really very effective in treating problems like gonorrhea, tooth yellowing, bleeding gums, and smell from mouth and taste less ness. It is also helpful in reducing the infection in oral cavities and also avoids formation of dental caries in the tooth. It is also helpful in avoiding tastelessness condition of the tongue and is also helpful in treating mouth ulcers.

· Diabetes – Diabetes is one of the most common of all diseases that occurs in the body. Neem has potential to treat diabetes. Due to its bitter taste neem works best in reducing the glucose level in the boy. It is also responsible for stimulating the pancreas for secretion of insulin that is very essential protein in glucose metabolism.

· Infections – Neem is the best herbal supplement that has the power to suppress most of the infections that might creep in our body because of some reasons. Neem is loaded with anti-microbial properties that make it to suppress any microbial attack. It is also very helpful in fading away the condition of protozoal invasion. Its powerful antidotes are secreted to nullify the effect of toxins secreted by the microbes. It is also very effective in treating the skin related problems and is also applied locally as an antiseptic nature. It has certain properties that help in early healing of wounds.

· Urinary tract problems – Neem is commonly used in problems related to urinary tract. It helps in neutralizing any infectious condition in the urinary tract and also tones up the tract for proper functioning. Neem is also seen effective in preventing the calculi formation in the body. It also acts as diuretic agent therefore helps in flushing out of the toxins that gets accumulated in the body.(Source)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My First Award for 2010

Thanks to Vernz of in this side of town and Anything Davao.

Aside from posting this award, I am also required to list down 7 things that most people probably don't know about me.

1. My real name is Amy. Amina (pronounced as Am-na) is my Muslim name.
2. I love to eat yoghurt with sugar and crushed ice.By the way, I make my own yoghurt.
3. I love watching Hindi Films.I'm a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.
4. I was cheated by an illegal recruiter and left stranded in a hotel for 45 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Our group was supposed to go to South Korea.Luckily, it was amnesty period for illegals that time so I was able to find a job in a recruitment agency and was issued a work permit.
5. I'm collecting stamps, a hobby which started when I was in Grade 2.
6. I am away from my parents and siblings from the last 13 years.
7. Lastly, I'm staying in a "joint family system"(that's the tradition here) with 2 other families and my parents-in-law. Since my husband is working in Dubai.It's not safe here to stay with children alone.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Electricity Load Shedding

Photo source
Rolling blackouts was supposed to end in 2009, as promised by the government.From 7:00 am till 5:00 pm today,we don't have electricity.The worst thing is it was a foggy day so it was dark. Luckily air conditioners and electric fans are not needed now because its winter.But power outage is back with a vengeance. What is life without power for six hours - now eight hours daily or more.What is most annoying is, there's no schedule for the outage.There is another very unjust aspect of electricity load shedding. There is no or less electricity load shedding in officer’s colonies or in posh areas.There must be equal time of electricity load shedding for every part of Lahore.I wish this will end, as we suffered too much last summer...can you imagine, every other hour, we don't have electricity.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ruby Tuesday #1- 2010

Hi everyone!It's Tuesday again,time for one of my favorite memes hosted by Mary T..Due to the bombings here which happened almost daily in different cities, security checks are everywhere.This photo was taken this morning while I was taking a walk around Minar-e Pakistan in Iqbal Park.A policeman was checking the passports of two Afghans.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Mellow Yellow for 2010


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gajar Ka Halwa

I and my sisters-in-law are busy cooking this sweet dish today.Just imagine, we peel and grated 10 kilos of carrots.The reason:We are going to send to our niece Quratul-Ain's parents-in-law to be.She is engaged and will be married on April, to the youngest son of a famous stage and tv drama actor.It is one of the traditions here to send sweets to the boy's house, to whom your daughter will be married.Here's the recipe, if ever anybody is interested.

1 kg carrots grated
1 cup sugar
5-6 green cardamom (Chhoti Ilaichi) seeds
½ cup ghee
khoya (Ricotta cheese)
1 tablespoon Kewra essence
dry fruits (pistachio, almond, raisins)
5-6 tablespoons powder milk

Grate the carrots and put them in a pot on low heat along with the ilaichi seeds.
When they become soft and water dries add sugar and again leave for the water to dry. Then add oil, khoya, dry fruit and milk and dry the water on high heat.

When done add kewra before removing from heat.Can be served hot or cold.

2009:Bloodiest Year For Pakistan

(photo source)

Year 2009 has proved to be the bloodiest one for the people of Pakistan since this country joined hands with United States of America in the war on terror as the unending spate of lethal suicide bombings killed 1,217 innocent people and injured 2,305 others in 80 bloody attacks carried out by human bombs in the 12 months of 2009.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanks Mr. G!

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What an unexpected gift for the New Year!My page rank is back.Thanks to Mr. G and to all my friends here in blogosphere.Hoping for more surprises this 2010.