Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

I just renewed my POC for another seven years.Above is my new POC.

All foreigners of Pakistan origin and their family members.

Fee for POC:

Bank Draft of US$ 100 (US Dollars One Hundred) in favour of NADRA - Islamabad for the issue of card to a person who has attained the age of eighteen years.
Bank Draft of US$ 50 (US Dollars Fifty) in favour of NADRA - Islamabad for the issuance of card to a person who has not attained the age of eighteen years.
Validity of POC

Validity of Pakistan Origin Card is seven year. A card may be renewed upon expiry of validity, subject to the applicant being still eligible.
Form of Card:

POC is printed in the English language with a Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) for its worldwide acceptability and functionality
Cards shall also bear the wording that "the holder of this card is entitled to visa-free entry into Pakistan but not to Pakistani citizenship"

Benefits to POC-holders:

Following benefits have been extended to the cardholders during the validity of their POCs, namely:

Visa-free entry into Pakistan
Indefinite stay
Exemption from police registration/reporting as a foreigner
Right to purchase and dispose of property within Pakistan
Right to open and operate in a bank account
Right to use POC for establishing and proving his\her identity anywhere in Pakistan wherever a National Identity Card (NIC) is required for such proof
NADRA has been empowered to arrange further benefits for the cardholders in association with the public and private sector
POC necessary for certain purposes

A card holder shall, at the time of entry into, or exit from, Pakistan present his\her POC before the Pakistani immigration authorities and at any counters established or maintained by NADRA for recording into, or exit from, Pakistan of such card holder.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for writing this article.
    I would like to ask you something regarding the same.
    I am a Pakistan citizen married to a filipina in dubai, Can i also apply for the POC so taht she can have visa free entry in Pakistan.Please advice.

  2. Salam Ovais!What a coincidence, I'm also a Filipina and my husband is Pakistani working in Dubai.

    About your question, your wife needs to apply for POC so she can have visa free entry to Pakistan.You don't need to apply since you are a Pakistani citizen.If you have more can email me at

    1. Hi AMINA . hope ur doing Gud .jst wanna ask u how did u get the POC card as for my wife is Filifina too.from where did u apply it .i have baby girl of pakistani citizen. thanx

    2. Hello Shazaf, everything is mentioned in my blog.You can apply from NADRA office,for your wife and your daughter.Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Thanks just would like to add something fyi. I am American my wife is Pakistani. I am trying to apply for POC but it seems like it has been closed for American Males. I called many times the Nadra Office. And it seems I cannot get the POC. Before a few years ago they said if it was the opposite Wife being American and me being Pakistani they would do it. For some reasons I guess there not accepting U.S. male citizens POC application. Anybody with more info please feel free to add.

    1. POCs were put on hold for some time they are being issued now. Contact pakistan consulate nyc.

  4. how long is the processing time to get your card?

  5. @ PHILFRANCE I received my POC after 1 month.

  6. To All My freinds!
    plz note that govt of pakistan has banned POC to all forngrz..even no extention of POC cards,if some buddy will lose his/her POC they can,t renew it.

  7. amina i want to knw also i get married in pakistan before 1 year i want make poc after maried so i went nadra ofice nd they say its close poc. Nw its open? Plz give me answer if u knw i thankful to u.

  8. Salam Amina, I hope you read this.
    Im a student in Pakistan but I have Malaysian nationality, does POC supports to have a scholarship via government of Pakistan or to have a laptop distributed in colleges etc from government ? If you have any idea please inform me so.
    Thank You.

  9. Hi all,
    What if the pakistani husband or the pakistani spouse wife died, did the widow foreign spouse still can get POC?


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