Monday, December 14, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

Seen this lovely hibiscus in my friend's garden today.I was not able to join MYM for few weeks because I ran out of pics with a dash of yellow :( To join the fun, click on the badge.


  1. Gumamela that is my kind of flower in the Philppines. Thanks for sharing.

    PS. Can't read the text because of the color kindly check it. Thanks!

    My MYM

  2. Hi Amina... we have a similar kind in our garden but the petals are rounder. I love the color of the flower - so soft, so girly, and the tiny speck of yellow in the middle gives it a playful finish.

    Btw, your blog's text's color is okay as viewed from my computer.

    Sreisaat Adventures


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