Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 Year Old Girl Killed Because of Doctor's Negligence

This incident has been in the news nowadays here in Lahore, in Tv and in print.This cute little girl named Imanae Malik was injected with the wrong medicine, obviously prescribed by an inexperienced doctor.Her parents are seeking justice for her death.
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  1. So sad to hear this...Hope it won't happen again in the future.

  2. How come that doctor too careless? he should check the medicine at the first place.

  3. This a heart-breaking story. I wish we get rid of negligent doctors! Thanks for visiting my blog a while back and I hope you are feeling fine now after your previous scare. Will add you in my two blog lists, if you don't mind =)
    Take care.

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  4. so sad to hear... a very cute little girl died due to neglegence of professional doctor. THope parents can able to get justice

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  6. If any member of the medical profession has committed an act of negligence that has caused pain and suffering to a patient, the patient may submit a medical negligence claim. Whether the negligence has caused physical pain or emotional trauma, or both, every victim has the right to claim monetary compensation against the practitioner concerned. Dentists, doctors and surgeons are human. Very few can boast a flawless mistake-free career. A doctor can make an accidental error which can cause an innocent patient pain and suffering for the remainder of their lives. Some cases of medical negligence have been fatal. Fortunately these are in the minority. Most mistakes are harmless and easily rectified. You may get some more information by clicking on the link Clinical Negligence.


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