Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My First Award for 2010

Thanks to Vernz of in this side of town and Anything Davao.

Aside from posting this award, I am also required to list down 7 things that most people probably don't know about me.

1. My real name is Amy. Amina (pronounced as Am-na) is my Muslim name.
2. I love to eat yoghurt with sugar and crushed ice.By the way, I make my own yoghurt.
3. I love watching Hindi Films.I'm a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.
4. I was cheated by an illegal recruiter and left stranded in a hotel for 45 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Our group was supposed to go to South Korea.Luckily, it was amnesty period for illegals that time so I was able to find a job in a recruitment agency and was issued a work permit.
5. I'm collecting stamps, a hobby which started when I was in Grade 2.
6. I am away from my parents and siblings from the last 13 years.
7. Lastly, I'm staying in a "joint family system"(that's the tradition here) with 2 other families and my parents-in-law. Since my husband is working in Dubai.It's not safe here to stay with children alone.
I'm passing this award to 7 bloggers whom I find Kreativ:Lina, Mary Ann, Khim,Shaine, Anna, Jenny and


  1. thanks for this wonderful award sis, i'll grab it soon.

    BTW, heres my new link sis Scraps of Life for the link exchange, ngpalit kasi ako ng domain.

  2. hi amy thanks dito sa award ang saya ko naman
    nakakawala ng pagod salamat amy god bless you always & take care. ganda ng design ng page mo.

  3. Wow Amy/Amina, I really appreciate it...
    Big thanks. So sad to know that you have had a bad experience (4). I agree that you live with big family now... safety is the first

  4. Naku double award ka pala sis hehehehe. Here is mine for you

    Got an award for you

  5. Cool Mina.... Good luck sa yo dyan ... ingat with the kids!

  6. wow...u get award.....well no body give me sad it's that.......nice blog u have.....

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  7. nice site.. glad I was here.. visit naman oh...

  8. wow congrats u got the award..hehehe..anyway I read u r stamp collector..thats nice..have u got brunei's stamp?


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