Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ruby Tuesday #1- 2010

Hi everyone!It's Tuesday again,time for one of my favorite memes hosted by Mary T..Due to the bombings here which happened almost daily in different cities, security checks are everywhere.This photo was taken this morning while I was taking a walk around Minar-e Pakistan in Iqbal Park.A policeman was checking the passports of two Afghans.


  1. Such beauty amid such frightening times!

  2. That's a good framing with flowers and people.

  3. I've seen these flowers here in Singapore too, they are so beautiful! Stay safe, there's been to many bombings in Pakistan nowadays.

  4. Beautiful red flowers.

    We know all about security checks here too. I wish neither of our countries needed to.

  5. Hi Amina, I can only see this flowers in the Philippines. Stay safe my dear and regards to your 3 musketeers hehehe.

    RRT:Macopa fruit

  6. In times of danger
    flowers still bloom, their fragrance
    breathing life, not death.

    Milkmaids with ruby sashes!


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