Saturday, December 4, 2010

Please Help Us Find Ali Ayaz Fakhri

Missing: Ali Ayaz Fakhri
Legendary actor Jamil Fakhri pleads for any information about his missing son who disappeared in New York, USA in Feb. 2009.

To my regular blog readers, the photo above looks familiar to you, because I posted photos of him in my previous post about wedding traditions of Pakistan.He  is the father-in-law of our niece who got married a month ago.The wedding was supposed to be in April but was postponed because his eldest son was missing in USA.Jamil Fakhri is one of the legend of Pakistan and recipient of various awards including pride of performance by the President of Pakistan. He spent 38 years of his life to serve the people of Pakistan and Pakistan Television. Legendary Actor Jamil Fakhri perform as ”Jafar Hussain” for PTV Super Hit TV Drama “Andera Ujala“.  The video is in Pakistani language , here's the translation:
“I m very tired, I don’t know who to plead, I really don’t know who will tell me about my son” Jamil Fakhri said while talking in a famous TV program Hasb-e-Hall.
He said that his elder son Ali Ayaz Fakhri was reported missing since February 2009 from New York and It’s still a secret as to what happened to him also there are no official word by any USA agency so far.
The actor said that everyone seems to be heartless even the people who once loved him and his work now don’t even recognize his voice.
“I don’t want to die like pleading about my son” he said also added that is there any one who could ask those people who know about his son but are not telling any thing.
Jamil Fakhri also complained in the interview about the careless attitude of Pakistani foreign office who is saying from the very first day that “do what ever you can do , ask whoever you want to ask but at the end you have to beg us (Pakistani foreign office in US) about the whereabouts of your son.
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  1. this is a very difficult situation for a father to endure. May he soon find his son.

    btw, a lot of people over at its Facebook page were asking for photos of Ali Ayaz Fakhri,maybe you could post the picture there?

  2. I was sorry to hear this news...Keep praying for his safety ...Insyaalah one day he will return..

  3. This is the first time I heard of such story coming from a Filipina. It's neat to be on this blog... first time here. I'll post this one on my facebook wall.

  4. It's a very sad fact.
    I hope I can hear the good news soon...

  5. this is so sad. today they found out that his son's dna was found. May Allah help him.

  6. May Allah subhana tala gave the family and specially the father a sabar on his son's death... May Allah gave ali jagha in jannat tuh firdos Ameen !!! jazak Allah khair ..


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