Saturday, February 27, 2010

Travelling Fish Salesman

One of the many things I love about Pakistanis is their ingenuity.Who would ever thought of selling live fishes on plastic bags on a bicycle?We use to see these fishes in aquariums in petshops.I'm going to post more photos about the things they manage to sell or transport using bicycles or donkey cart so stay tune... Have a great weekend everyone1


  1. AMINA, naa sad ani sa uyanguren daghan ... hahahah! akong anak kalingawan ug palit kay mas barato kay sa pet store ... LOL

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  3. Nice post, makes me know more about Pakistani people...
    Looking forward for another interesting profession...

  4. people of this century really got smarter and smarter when it comes to looking for means to survive. it's unbelievable what they can think of...businesses of all sorts that makes you applaud them.


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