Saturday, October 31, 2009

DST Ends Today

Pakistan will end its daylight saving time (DST) at midnight (00:00) between Saturday, October 31, and Sunday, November 1, 2009, which will see the clocks move back by one hour. Lucky me, I can sleep another hour in morning.Waking up very early to prepare the kids for school in cold season is really a big problem for me because I am lazy to get up.Anyhow, I'm thankful that summer is over.This summer was the worst, as load shedding (brownouts) was every other hour, due to power shortage that this country is facing.What I've heard, the government decided to start DST on April 15 and end DST on 1st November on an annual basis.

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  1. yes...u right.. I've been there before in 2008..u know the 1st day i arrived there was no power for 5 hours...luckily the wheather that time is not really hot. I can feel how you feel today without power everyday...c u


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