Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daylight Saving Time

Effective last midnight, Pakistan adopts daylight saving time, pushing clocks forward by one hour.This is aimed to cut energy costs by taking advantage of long summer days. Along with the DST, several energy saving measures announced by the government earlier this month will be enforced from today.Shops will close at 9pm and remain close on Fridays and open on Sundays.In government offices, air conditioners will be switched on only from 11 am.
Our situation here is getting worst every summer because of power shortage.Just imagine, we don't have electricity every other hour....meaning 12 hours without electricity.Who can live with that situation?When we have to use Airconditioners 24 hours in the peak of summer.We can't even have a good night sleep, because we woke up at night when there's no electricity to stay at the rooftop,where there's a bit of warm summer breeze, better than staying inside the bedroom where I feel I will be suffocated because of the heat. P.S. TO ALL MY FRIENDS : Sorry if I can't visit you or drop EC, because this situation is beyond my control. I promise to make it up, when situation goes back to normal here.


  1. okey poroblem to me....maybe you need to buy generator for power supply..hheheehe

  2. Hi Amina its ok not to drop, wish u always ok there. I cant imagine live in such condition. No electricity for 12 hours... oohhh. A big wish that Pakistan will found a big energy for power supply, so everyone will be happy. Take care a lot



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