Monday, April 6, 2009

5 Pakistani Women Buried Alive for "Choosing husbands"

This incident happened sometime in the middle of last year.I know some of my online friends haven't heard of this, that's why I'm sharing this video.From time to time, I will be posting about SHOCKING Incidences here.


  1. This is totally horrific.
    I know that other countries are still stuck old traditional ruling. But there is enough technology today to teach them that it is exactly that an old tradition.
    Control is all I see here...a very much controlled world.
    It saddens me to see such inexcusable treatment!


  2. Its very sad, i hope no more violence to woman, as they are human have a right to be happy as human being

  3. this is too much confusing and too unfair to woman.I really sorry and really sad reading your post.may Allah raise their soul to heaven.

  4. I know that Pakistan is one of the countries that oppresses women. Same like Iran and some other arabic countries. I do not understand why they do that when the religion itself does not allow oppressing women, or other living creature for that matter. What they are doing is not Islam. They're actually twisting the whole thing and making Islam look bad when they are the ones who are horrible.

    Women in those countries should stand together and fight the oppression. I know it is easier said than done. But someone should start somewhere before things get out of hand and many other women meet the same fate as those 5. When all women rise together, their voices will be heard loud and clear. The saying "together we stand, alone we fall" is actually true. The government should also do something about it.


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