Monday, March 16, 2009

Pakistan's Sacked Chief Justice to be Restored

Congatulations to all Pakistanis, for the independence of your Judiciary System and most especially to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary . I hope and pray that this judiciary crisis is over, and all Pakistanis will join together to solve the economic crisis that Pakistan is facing.


  1. The best thing that can happen for the people of Pakistan is establishment of true people's rule based on democratic principles. Pakistan was drifting away from that. Reinstatement of sacked judges is once again giving hopes for democracy, as democracy cannot exist without an independent judiciary.
    You have done a commendable job by highlighting the reinstatement of judges.

  2. @ d!4n Yes, my friend.A lot of Pakistani's are hoping.Though I'm from Philippines and residing here in Pakistan,I don't want my children grow up in this kind of political situation.Thanks for visiting!

  3. @ Krishna Yes, you are right that DEMOCRACY can't exist without an INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY.I hope that the reinstatement of judges will be the first step for Pakistan towards DEMOCRACY, though it will be a long process.

  4. hope everything will be better soon.Amin.


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