Monday, November 22, 2010

Doodh Pilai

Doodh Pilai is a ceremony which is prevalent in many Pakistani weddings. On the actual wedding day, the sisters and cousins of the bride will bring milk for the groom. After he drinks the milk, he is supposed to present his new sisters- in -law with money and gifts.
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  1. Another interesting part in Pakistani wedding ceremony...

  2. ooo...just like Chinese Tea ceremony. First the couple give tea to the elder and they gave them angpow(money in red packets) and jewellery.

    Then it's the newly wedded couple turn to sit down and distribute angpow to those who are younger than them

  3. Wonderful shots of a beautiful ceremony.

  4. Salam nice wedding ceremony. I was so bz for the last 5 months...and to time blogging..anyway how are u? hope u ok n happy..

  5. Mi Amiga, sus, ako pud oi.. bc jud ko sa school akong blogging time update lang.. usahay di na jud ko kalaag ... salamt sa follow diay..

    wow, bonggaceous man kaayo ning wedding oi... grand jud by the looks of it... ha.


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