Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working Donkeys

carrying sacks of rice
carrying crates of mangoes
Camera Critters
 This is my third entry about Donkeys in Camera Critters.I admire these strong & small creatures which have been oppressed since ages.I see them everywhere, struggling terribly with carts that are way beyond their strength.


  1. I feel bad for the donkeys, so sad, to have such a difficult lot in life but I guess there are people who have a difficult lot as well.

  2. I am a pathetic American who feels bad for the donkey!!! I know it is a working animal...but everyone needs a day off once in awhile!

  3. I feel very bad for the donkeys but I have to say thank you for sharing your part of the world with us. These are good shots.

  4. These donkeys seem to be doing work that should be handled by water buffalo. Little beasts of burden. I doubt that they are even well fed or given a good "well done" at the end of the day.

  5. oi sis, kalooy pod anang donkey oi..murag nag suffer man the whole life.

    anyway, thanks for the tip sa onion..waaaa hahaha sa basket bitaw nato ibutang ato onion, sa ref diay aron dili halang sa mata hahaha.

    I wonder kung nganong naa ka diha sa Pakistan..sundalo imo bana? hehehe

  6. I feel bad for that donkey, imagine if it were a person? Isn't that animal abuse? I know I can't blame the owners, probably the only way they earn money, but I hope they'd give the donkey a rest and enough food for energy for the next day.

  7. mi amiga, sige ako na lang ang di mafeel bad para sa donkey, hahahaha.... even in Pakistan ang Pepsi naa gahapon... nganung sirado?

  8. Oh, the donkey works very hard :(

  9. Ha!

    Is it wrong of me to think these pictures are hilarious?

    It's possible that I have inappropriate humor.

    Nice blog!



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