Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm a Monkey!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bonfire 2009

Every winter, my sons’ school (The Angels Montesorri-English Medium Branch) organizes a bonfire.It is aimed to encourage students to show off their God-given talents.Last night, was this years bonfire.It was held on the rooftop of the school building.At first , everybody was really enjoying the show, but on the middle part, an accident happened.A guest’s scarf was on fire due to the burning wood that fell on it.The venue was badly planned, in my opinion.Who would lit a fire in the middle of carpeted floor?:)Indeed!Only in Pakistan! Anyhow, the show ended well and what’s most important is, my children enjoyed the show.

Blogging @ 40

When I was a teenager, I always wrote my daily activities in a diary and kept it in a locked drawer so nobody can read it.But time has changed, now people have their own journals for everybody to read called “BLOGS”.So I’m reviving my old habit of keeping a diary in this blog.I’m already 40, don’t you think I’m old enough for these things? Today, is my first day of posting… I’m telling myself…WELCOME to the BLOGGING WORLD!