Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday in ICU


I promised my sons to watch the Snake Show yesterday but I was admitted at ICU, Mayo Hospital due to abnormal heartbeat.I went up and down the 15-step stairs three times, since my bedroom is located uptairs.I was bringing the laundry down because it's wash day.On the 3rd time, I almost fainted and my heart was beating too fast and I felt severe pain in my heart.I was crying due to the pain.So I was rushed to the hospital.I was immediately rushed to ICU, and doctors tried to normalized my heartbeat.I thought, I was gonna die, because after 2 hours of trying, my heartbeat is 240/ minute.they don't have choice but to give me electric shock.I refused.I told them, if my heart stop beating, then do it.The heart speacialist who was off duty but summoned, came at that moment, luckily, with massage and a lot of injections, my heartbeat was normalized, so do with my blood pressure.So now, on doctor's advice, no housework for me, bedrest if possible.How can I, when I have 3 sons to take care and a good househelp is impossible to find in this country.A lot of Filipina domestic helpers here, but honestly, I can't afford to pay $500/month.


  1. Salam Amina.. im so sorry to hear that. I hope u get well soon. We r mom without domestic helper.. just try to have a rest whenever possible. Don't push your self. Sometimes i just let my cloth not ironing for a few days, or just let the floor dirty.

    Please take care urself
    For u and also ur family happiness
    get well soon

  2. Amina, how's your health condition now? I hope you can find solution to ease your house works...

  3. Salam Amina,

    240/minute?? OMG..don't push yrself sista'
    hopefully there is no something wrong with your heart and get well soon..

  4. i had abnormal heart palpitations, too lately and im doing good now. You will be good sis but take doctors advice, no strenous work for now.

  5. Amina I am sorry to hear pity of u..Thanks god u are now ok...yes u better have a rest untill u fully recover..What actually the cause of ur heartbeat ? c u

  6. Hello...sorry to hear that..

  7. Hi amina, kumusta na? oi sagdii na lang sa nang mga trabaho diha sa balay. huna hunaa sa na imong health. take care yourself :-)


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